How to Apply Automotive Ceramic Paint Protection Coatings

Learn everything you need to know about how to apply ceramic paint protection, how to market ceramic nano coatings in your business and how to grow your coatings with IGL Coatings Ceramic Coatings in the Automotive, Industrial, Domestic and Marine sectors!

Preparation tips, application tricks as well as frequently asked questions and solutions to help any business succeed and grow!

Learn From Experienced Master Applicators!

Learn from knowledgeable and experienced and knowledgeable IGL applicators, sharing their firsthand tips and tricks!

Ayman is not only the Australian Distributor of IGL Coatings but is also highly experienced in the application of all IGL Coatings products.

Having carried out thousands of coatings over many years personally, this course will transfer Ayman's knowledge and tips for application as well as numerous tips and tricks from a business perspective!

Further to this, Ayman is highly trained and experienced in Sales and Marketing highlighting key strategies to assist you in understanding IGL's unique selling points and giving you the knowledge you need to increase your sales and bookings!

Exterior Paint Protection
Paint Protection

Learn about all of IGL's professional coating range from the premium and exclusive Kenzo coat to our single layer coatings in this comprehensive training course!

Interior Coatings

Learn the art of efficiently coating the interior surfaces of the vehicle such as leather, fabric and plastic as well as its benefits to the consumer and upsell tactics to improve your profitability!

Exterior Coatings

Wheel, Window, Trim and Headlight coatings are just some of the must have offerings for any. business! Learn how to apply them quickly and efficiently as well as how to promote and sell these updates to your customers!

IGL Industrial Nano coatings training

How to Apply IGL Industrial Nano Coatings

In addition to our outstanding line of automotive coatings our in depth online training academy will also cover everything you need to know about the IGL Industrial and Commercial Range of products such as IGL Aegis Anti Corrosion Coating, IGL Eclipse Industrial Nano Coating and much more!

How to Apply IGL Residential & Domestic Coatings

Learn the benefits of nano coatings at home and how to use IGL's Residential/Domestic coatings to protect kitchens, bathrooms, shower screens and much more!

IGL Residential and home coatings

How to Apply Marine Coatings

Protect marine crafts and infrastructure with the IGL Marine range of nano coatings and learn what makes these amazing products a must have for any boat owner!

IGL Coatings Online Tutorials

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  IGL Professional Industrial Coatings Training
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  IGL Professional Domestic/Home Coatings Training
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  IGL Professional Marine Coatings Training (coming soon)
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  Business Tutorials - Improving bookings, profitability efficency
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Online ceramic paint protection course


To anyone who has been considering applying or knowing about the application of IGL’s range of coatings the course run by Ayman is very informative without requiring you to know the ins and outs of the make up of a ceramic coating.

I’ve seen instruction and training videos before and what makes this series different is it isn’t set like a corporate video series which will put you to sleep. The content is very informative covering the range and how each are applied.

This is a no bull series trying to hard sell a product rather teaching how to get the best out of the product range. Highly recommend anyone considering installing IGL coatings or current applicators get on board and get informed. I’m new to the crew and thought I knew some basics which will get me through however Ayman has some great tips along the way.

Scott Husto

Scruba's Detailing

Would recommend any detailer of any level to watch it, it helps with improving your skillset or refining small changes to how you apply ceramic coatings to different surfaces to get the perfect result!

Andy Chiem

Detailing Geek Adelaide

Detailing Geek Adelaide online traininc course feedback
Online Detailing and Paint Protection Training

I have recently purchased and viewed this online training course and even as a professional detailer with many years of experience I still found it to be informative as a refresher with many tips and tricks with each product and process explained clearly .
It is much better to actually see someone applying the products and explain them in a real world setting as sometimes just reading instructions can be left up to interpretation.
I would recommend the course to those who have very little experience through to the professional that may have forgotten some basics over years of working.

Gareth Jones

Perth Polishing and Protection